How did I become healthy after illness and what I do daily for good health

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Today I want to share my part of my life’s journey where I become healthy after my illness in 1 year time.

Now when I say ill I mean my health was so bad that one night I woke up with so much pain in my chest and moved to ICU and found that it was not a heart attack but acid attack. So it was a false alarm for heart attack but I must say it was a true alarm for me to do some drastic change in life for healthiness.

Let me say what my daily routine is now and how am getting better and better with this by becoming healthy.


Morning Drinking Activity –

First thing in the morning I do is drink two glass of water and eat 10 almonds. Wait before you go and start doing it. Please understand first how I do it.

Put water in copper utensil overnight around 8-10 hours and put those almonds in it. Now when you wake up start by drinking that water then eat those almonds. Remember the order I say to follow it. This will give you many vitamins and minerals and energy to go through

This will give you many vitamins and minerals and energy to go through whole day with full form.

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Morning Physical Activity –

here after drinking water and eating those almonds don’t start the day on the spot. Sit for some time and do some meditation by chanting OM or any other Mantra you like to chant. After doing this for 15 minutes get and start some stretching activity like showed in Image.

This will give you so much flexibility in your muscle you will not understand this now but after 1 or 2 months. It will make your like so happy and so enjoyable you will feel it.


Stretcing exercise to become healthy

I am a software engineer and sit about 12 hours in front of the computer and I am pretty sure anyone in this field or other field but have to sit like this for multiple hours must be filling muscle ache in back, neck, shoulder, thighs etc.

I was also having those but never got rid of it and when I started this activity man I was feeling refreshed for the whole day and all my aches were slowing going away. then i understood that this program is even removing small issue which i was having and i become healthy overtime.

here let me tell you i had no other option to go back because when i saw that ICU room i took the pledge to get rid of all the illness.

For better Result please do this activity 3 times a day to become healthy.

  • Morning
  • Afternoon when you are working always give some time for yourself
  • Late afternoon before evening


Eating Practice –

doctor and elders tell us that eat 3 times a day but not everyone tells how it should be exactly. So let me give an idea what I mean.

  1. Morning breakfast should contain full big plate also one fruit is mandatory in whole day that’s fine if you drink juice made at home or eat directly.
  2. Afternoon lunch should contain half big plate and should contain at least one thing which contains proteins I am vegetarian by birth so I know about Veg. only so eat DAL (toor, mung etc.) or subji of chana.
  3. In the evening you should eat only one medium bowl of food. Mostly I eat one fruit banana or something and one glass of medium hot milk. Rember ignore eating citrus-based fruit at evening because it makes stomach uneasy.


Water Drinking Practice –


you all must have heard about drink 12 glass of water daily and see the result but let me tell you I drink 12-14 glass of water a day and I feel super hydrated and energetic and how to drink those glasses.

  1. Start your day with 2 glass of water as I said earlier. Then after doing those activity and breakfast drink 2 more glass water after food consumption time has passed 30 minutes.
  2. After going for office or other works you do in morning let pass 2 or 3 hours and in those time drink one more glass.
  3. Now here comes afternoon lunch time drink water only after food consumption time passed 30 minutes. Drink about 2 glasses and after half or 1 hour again drink 2-3 glasses. This is afternoon time and as you know heat waves are higher and you will need to drink more water.
  4. In the evening before 30 minutes of eating consume 2 glasses more. And as mentioned earlier evening food should be very less. After that drink only 1 glass and walk for 15 minutes.


After eating I always do Vjrasan(Yog) for 10 minutes if you are doing first time start by doing it for 2 minutes and then do it for longer minutes of time. After Vjrasan walks for 10 to 15 minutes daily which will help the body to consume all the food you ate.

This daily practice will show you a tremendous amount of result in some months and become healthy but you will feel energetic and active in some weeks only. This will even help in some small-small things you feel but ignore like its nothing. Like hair-nails grow, sleep will become more strong and proper, always wake up energetic, most of the ache will go away, give more immunity, sexually healthy, make flexible and become less ill to seasonal flu.

Hope you will try this and come back to me with good result. Please comment below if this helps you and also mention if you are doing some other things which are not mentioned and it’s making you healthy. So I can update detail in the article.

understand that changing your lifestyle takes a lot of patience. please don’t give up and try hard.stop unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking binge alcohol, tobacco etc.

Stop unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking binge alcohol, tobacco etc and become healthy.


Always be happy and make the crazy effort for what you do in life.

Jay Ambe, Namaste (greeting we Hindu people follow same like “bye” in English)

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