9 best Firefox Plugins for Developers & Designers I recommend

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best Firefox Plugins for Developers & Designers

Here I am presenting you 9 best Firefox Plugins for Developers & Designers and why I recommend it.

Usually when I was developing a website for something then sometimes people were looking at my screen and ask me what are these Plugins and I help them to understand.

So now I decided without explaining to everyone lets post about it make it available to everyone.


best Firefox Plugins for Developers & Designers as below



Let me tell you that this tool is must have for designer and developer both. Colorzilla offer really the best color picker in Firefox I feel.

They Provide Palette Viewer and editor where you can customize selected color. Also adding shortcut from keyboard makes it easy to use.

History of picked color is also one the features they provide which will be helpful for mostly designers because after research going through those history can really save time by saving clicks of going back and forth inside pages.

Now one of the best features is Webpage DOM Color Analyzer. Guys I tell you this is really needed feature for any designer. While creating new theme for client for someone we need to go through lot of websites and checking out CSS for just colors is not good option.

This tool just analyze whole website by just single click and BAMN you get all the colors used in that website.

At last one small point I need to point out that some color picker doesn’t have this option. When we use Colorzilla and picker is active we can scroll through whole website with mouse and it will be very easy for normal user to checkout website while putting picker active. Because sometime for another Plugins I found it when we scroll picker gets deactivated.


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Font Finder

Font Finder has 4 key pieces of functionality:

  1. Any font on a page can be completely analyzed
  2. Any piece of an element’s information can be copied to the clipboard
  3. Font-families can be disabled from the entire page, to test degradation for cross-OS support
  4. Any active element can have any piece of the font’s options (such as color, size or family) adjusted inline

Any of these options can be quickly accessed through highlight & right-click, or through the use of toggling the icon in the StatusBar (which makes it easy to analyze fonts before a :focus action occurs, such as input fields or links).

Just by right clicking on any highlighted text you can find font finder option. Go inside and click Analyze selection which will give you whole lot of information then just font detail Like what tags are used, font details, colors, CSS details etc.

You can disable some features of font or change it on the go on same page and you can see resulted output in same webpage only no need to open console and do all this stuff anymore.


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Google™ Translator

I am from Bharat(India) and we speak many languages here. I speak mostly Gujarati and Hindi. So when I read some text on internet if I don’t understand I translate.

After using this tool it is so easy for me to understand mostly anything on internet. Even if I am on any Chinese or Arabic website I just highlight some text and small popup open up in same site only no need to redirect anywhere or new tab. That’s Fantastic I say.

Also settings are there and if that word is having multiple translations for Hindi then it shows everything in small popup.

So basically you can see all the features from Google translate in small popup anywhere on your searching page. This is highly important for Content writer I must say.


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This is hands down tool for any user who use internet for writing any kind of content. I mean literally any kind of content. If you are writing professional content, FaceBook comment, Google search text anything.

If you have installed and activated Grammarly in browser than that’s it rest all things will be managed by itself. Just move cursor on textbox or description box Grammarly will be there on right corner.

Make any mistake while typing or some grammatical mistake is there it will show red lines below and just by hovering it will show all possible solution. Now just click it and it’s done.

Create free account on it and you will be able to add texts to dictionary for yourself. If you have written whole lot of content having about 1000 words no issue just click on that right corner icon and it will open large popup which contain all the errors and fix for it.

Just hove and find it fine click it. Done, that’s it. Now that’s what I call ultimate Plugins.

They have free and paid plans if you would like to checkout then please click below.


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This toolbar so simple that even if now Firefox provide rules in console toolbar, I still prefer MeasureIt. By clicking on tool in toolbar you will be able to draw simple rectangle which will show you Height and Width.

I use this tool when I want to find out exact H x W on page. Also sometime image shown on page have different H x W in reality but in HTML tags there some changes. So no worry I just click and draw rectangle around it and find out Height and Width.

Still they are lacking many features, also they don’t provide many options to customize. So, I really hope they do something about it.


Rate: 3 Stars

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Screengrab (fix version)

Screengrab saves entire WebPages as images. Just right-click on the page you want to grab and look in the “Screengrab” menu.

It will capture what you can see in the window, the entire page, just a selection, a particular frame. Basically it saves WebPages as images – either to a file, or to the clipboard, or uploads to internet.

I really need this plug-in when I want to grab part of the page which we can also do with snipping tool in windows. But this provides in browser and most imp thing is we can save whole page as image.

Usually I book any ticket or something pages are very wide and this tool help me capture it in single image.

About the setting I must say they provide very much features as a free plug-in. just look into it after install you can do so many stuffs. There are name, upload, notification, save etc. settings.


Rate: 4 Stars

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Tab Memory Usage

This user is must for all regular internet users. This will show how much data the page is consuming in real time.

This really helps when I am creating my website and want to see result fast and in just summary mode. This plug-in does that for me.

After installing it I always change one setting in option page of these tools is (Memory Report Mode: Outside)

So with this memory consumption of page will always show in browser tab near close button. Sometime it gives very small issue like showing misplaced on tab. But this is very rare like happens may be once a month.

example of plugin:


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Thumbnail Zoom Plus

Now here comes the plug-in which is loved by me most. Whenever I go if I find computer and need to use it for surfing I go to search add this plug-in to Firefox first.

I know this shows weirdness in me but what can I do. I strongly believe after installing once you will also fall in love with this plug-in.

This plug-in lets you zoom any image on webpage to drastic amount of percentage. If image source is very large and showing small by HTML or CSS coding. You guys in luck just hover over it and that’s it this plug-in will make that image full size image in popup.

This plug-in works in almost every website I visit. I can say 98% it works and whenever there is any image on page just hover and get full size of image.

This plug-in also provide setting page where you can disable some website also enable some website. Also general setting lets you change default zoom size enable/disable etc. setting.


Rate: 5 Stars

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YouTube Control Center

This plug-in is so fantastic for users who love to watch YouTube. If you are also YouTube addict like me than I must say you need this plug-in my man.

Here some of the features they written on add-ons Mozilla page:

  1. Set preferred playback quality for all videos
  2. Set preferred video playback volume for all videos
  3. Control auto play behavior of the YouTube player
  4. Control auto buffer behavior of the YouTube player
  5. Auto pause all YouTube players when a new player starts playing
  6. Show video annotations on the player
  7. Show video controls on player
  8. Auto hide video controls after a video begins playing
  9. Play a single video in loop mode
  10. Change video player theme
  11. Skip flash advertisements in the player
  12. Hide/Show “video comments” pane
  13. Hide/Show “video views info” pane
  14. Hide/Show “action buttons” pane (‘like’, ‘dislike’, ‘share’, … buttons)
  15. Hide/Show details” pane (published info, buy video, …)


Let me tell story about how I found this plugin. If you know youtube form very long time then you must have know that youtube was loading videos previously like normally if you pause the video it just buffer fully and you can watch latter but later they removed it.

One day I was watching video and pasue it but it stopped buffering I thought my internet not working and checked so many things and lost so much time.

Then I found that youtube is doing DASH buffering something like that and then I met this plugin at that it was very basic I can say. But now it became so much mature you will love it. Just go ahead and install it.


Rate: 5 Stars

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Ok so we reached to the bottom of the page and covered all 9 best Firefox Plugins for Developers & Designers which are very useful. I want to share one more extra plug-in which is right now only for Bharat(India) people.



Tell me who doesn’t love discount and coupons. I will answer myself everyone loves it. Everyone earn money by doing so much work and if you are searching for something and find coupon which can give you ultimate discount that can some money then we become so happy inside.

Yes that feeling we get from this plug-in. By the way this is one website but it allows plug-in to download for our browser and whenever I purchase something then I always find coupon for it.

I have found coupons for hosting, domain, makemytrip, goibibo etc. on this only and it helps me save lots of money. Now I found that they are also offering cash back if we use directly link from them. So this is really win-win situation.

If you like to create account on this website then click here


Rate: 5 Stars

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i hope you will love this my post for best Firefox Plugins for Developers & Designers and share it as much as possible. if you find some update and want to point out new info then please mention in comment below. i will update it and will give you shoutout to your website as credit.


Always be happy and make the crazy effort for what you do in life.

Jay Ambe, Namaste (greeting we Hindu people follow same like “bye” in English)

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