how to install RainMeter skins themes and make your PC awesome looking

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how to install RainMeter skins themes

let me teach you today how to install RainMeter skins themes and how it will make your PC awesome.

Today let’s make your boring windows look more creative and awesome. Whenever my brother of cousin come over and check out my PC they get very excited about something new always be there in it.

So this time when they checked out about how awesome my machine was looking with RAINMETER skins. They were asking that how this happened? What did you do to get this? Please show us how to install rainmeter skins themes.

So decided to create a post and show everyone around to make their PC look ultra cool. Check out above pic how my PC looks like and this is how you will also get after following all below steps.


The first step will be downloading and installing RAINMETER. Please download software from here ( and install it. Please remember only download Final Release as Beta version might be unstable and it can give you some issue.

After installing you will be able to see RainMeter Icon in (Icons and Notification area) right corner. By clicking on it will show manage RainMeter software and here you will need to set a bunch of settings to get the desired design.


Now the second step is to download Elegance-2 RainMeter skin here ( while downloading the skin you will be able to find that extension should be rmskin. After this please install it. By double clicking it you will be able to see installation screen of RainMeter. Let all the default selection be there and click next or install.


Now after downloading and installing Elegant Skin, you will need to follow step 2 again and again for below 3 skins as well.

Honeycomb –

VisBubble: Round Visualizer for RainMeter –

Cleartext for RainMeter –


For desktop background image you can use below image which I am using here ( or you can also choose some other image by yourself to get creative but for now please go ahead with the image I provided.


Now let’s go ahead and use all the skin and wallpaper to make an awesome design. For background wallpaper uses above wallpaper and set it.

Right-click on the desktop and click view and uncheck show desktop icons. Now your desktop will show only image and footer taskbar something like below image. Also, you can hide footer task bar and it will be an only desktop image.

Now open RainMeter and you will be able to find all the skins in the left sidebar and some settings and tabs right and top side. Somewhat like below image.

In Skins tab open Cleartext and double click on Cleartext.ini and it will load that skin to RainMeter and those setting would look something like below.

As you can see two ini files in that you are free to use any one of them. I like this one better so I am keeping it.

Below Cleartext you will find Elegance2 now in that select clock and select clock_vert1 which will you give you vertical clock on the desktop. You can also use the horizontal clock as you may like. From there only click the date and show date respectively if you have selected vertical clock and that date as vertical.

This is not mandatory rules you can do and mismatch it and find result as per you like. Also, these tools are draggable on the screen so you can drag them and show wherever you like.

Now is the time to show all the icons you need on screen in a honeycomb pattern. In RainMeter setting on click on a honeycomb in the left sidebar and you will be able to see multiple folders with ini inside it. All the folders are mostly popular software available on market.

Just download click it and load on the desktop and set it at some places by dragging it on screens. Here let me tell you one very important note: you can use any icon you like but its click event will open software which is mentioned inside configuration and it is customizable. So don’t worry if you are not able to find your needed software here. You can change the link to the software and how to do it is mentioned below.

For custom software to open on left click of icon click some ini file let’s take the example below of chrome.ini inside chrome folder.

  • Load Chrome.ini and check edit button should be enabled on right side.
  • Click on that Edit button and you will find notepad opened up somewhat like below image.
  • Now here you can see (LeftMouseUpAction) which is the event fire when we left click on that honeycomb icon.
  • here on the right side of (LeftMouseUpAction) you can set path like below image. And now on click of that icon it will open Notepad++ instead of chrome.

So, it’s that easy for you to customize icon path and software you need you open as your desire. I know very less amount of icons available in this skin but you can always request icons you need on below URL ( When developer likes idea he might update it with the new set of icons.


now that’s how to install RainMeter skins themes in your PC and make it awesome looking. if you find some update and want to add it to the content then please comment below. we might add it and will shout out to you as well.


Always be happy and make the crazy effort for what you do in life.

Jay Ambe, Namaste (greeting we Hindu people follow same like “bye” in English)

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